Drilling Through Stainless Steel

In this video, we are shown a how to drill a hole through stainless steel using an electric drill. By using a drill bit made for metal it is possible to create a pilot hole which will guide a larger drill bit through the stainless steel. Non-combustible lubricants can be used to reduce friction and stop the drill piece from blunting.  A drill piece can also be submerged in water to keep it cool. Never submerge the drill piece whilst it is connected to the drill. It is also possible to use a spray bottle to cool the stainless. It is notable that metal should always be clamped down to avoid injury from rotating materials. Glassesï should also be worn when cutting and drilling any sheet materials.

3 thoughts on “Drilling Through Stainless Steel”

  1. Don’t wear gloves when drilling, I have seen fingers wrapped around drills. Please clamp down, don’t hold metal when drilling as in your video. This is setting a bad example. I have been in manufacturing for 30 plus years. Time served metalworker.

  2. Use good quality drill bits like cobalt steel or find a friend that opperates a cnc machine.. borrow some bits from them lol. What is important is to ensure you run the drill speed at the correct speed for the size and type of bit used, also decent cutting lube.

  3. Not a clever Idea saying the work piece can be “Submerged in Water” without a caveat about mains powered tools !!!

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