Lamplighters Boat Yard Creepy Doll

I recently brought a Tinder date back to the boatyard where I’m working on my Seamaster 950 renovation.  It was raining, nighttime and my date already looked adequately scared. We proceeded to walk down the dark lane into the abyss. We were shortly greeted by a tall fence,  the top of the fence hugged by reams of razor wire.  It was at this point that I burst into laughter as I realised I now looked like a bonafide serial killer.

Making the joke “does anyone know you’re here”  I began to chuckle more, we proceeded to the boat.  Luckily, I wasn’t pepper sprayed and I would go as far to say the date went well as in amongst the darkness and peril was my beautiful boat. Now it was nighttime and the boat was lit up by solar fairy lights, warm and garnished by the auditory delights of Motown. Needless to say, this girl had balls and not in the Bangkok sense of the saying.

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