Fumed Colloidal Silica


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Fumed Colloidal Silica is an age old tried and tested thickening and thixotropic agent.  When used in combination with 2 part resin systems it lowers the viscosity of the liquid. This means the resin will hold better to vertical surfaces making it ideal for work in situ.  Adding controlled and relatively small amounts of fumed colloidal silica into a mixture will dictate the thickness of your resin.  It is notable that fumed colloidal silica can be used to create a construction adhesive due to its strength when added to resins.  It can also be used in conjunction with our Glass Bubbles to create fairing and filleting compound. The more fumed colloidal silica that is used in a mixture the harder it becomes to sand due to its structural properties.


  • Highly Affordable when compared to buying separate epoxy primers and filler kits.
  • Fairly low toxicity (PPE should still always be worn)
  • Can be used as a construction adehsive.
  • Controls the amount of sag on vertical surfaces.
  • Will add strength to 2-part resin systems.
  • Is particularly useful for strength on exposed edges where fibreglass matting can’t be used.


Care should be taken when storing to avoid leaving the lid open on the container after use.  It is hydrophobic and therefore will suck-up the water in the air if it’s left exposed.

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Fumed Colloidal Silica

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