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Glasscell 10 – Glass Bubbles can be used to thicken epoxy and polyester resin systems.  They work by reducing the density and making the resin more susceptible to filling, fairing and sanding. This means they are ideal for use in the marine environment,  especially areas located below the waterline. Furthermore, Glass Bubbles are non-hydroscopic and don’t allow the penetration of water, unlike silica for example.  They have excellent chemical stability and a high compression resistance ratio. For more information, you can read the Glass Microsphere page.

  • Affordable in comparison to purchasing separate filing and fairing products.
  • Long lasting can be stored longer than typical resin systems.
  • Non-hydoscopic (suitable for use below the waterline)
  • Compatible with epoxy and polyester resin systems.



Store at ambient temperature.


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Glasscell 10

1ltr – 0.07kg, 5 Litre – 0.43kg


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