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SR 5550 Multi-Purpose Epoxy Resin is the perfect all-around marine epoxy system.  Sicomins advanced UV stable formula makes It ideal for all bonding, laminating and wood protection in the marine environment.   It has excellent adhesion properties to all types of wood.  Most importantly,  SR550 is a low toxicity product making it a safer alternative to some of the epoxy and polyester resin systems available on the market.   It is a 2-part marine epoxy system meaning that a hardener is included in the kit.  The hardener dictates the cure time so please be aware of this when ordering.

  • Can be used above and below the waterline – offering excellent immersion resistance.
  • Does not contain phenol or other toxic amines.
  • Adheres to wood and most of the common substrates used in boat building and renovation.
  • Adjustable working time – The pot life is dictated by the hardener.
  • Gives a high gloss finish.
  • Slow and fast hardeners are available.
  • Storage stability: 2 years
  • Can be used in conjunction with our selection of marine quality fairing compounds.

Frequently asked questions

James (Laminating timber around a bow) “When you mix up the epoxy how long do you get before it goes off?”

Boat Renovation People –  The cure time of marine epoxy has a lot of variables. The working temperature, the temperature of the area being laminated or covered,  the hardener type and whether or not you are using fairing compounds or thinners.  This data sheet msds-sd-5505 contains all of the cure time information for fast and slow hardener and our SR 5550 Multi-Purpose Epoxy Resin.


Additional information

Epoxy Resin - Kit Size

1.29 Kg Kit, 3.87 Kg Kit, 6.45 Kg Kit

Epoxy Resin Hardeners

SD5503 – Slow – Epoxy Hardener, SD5505 – Fast – Epoxy Hardener


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