Treecell Filler – Cellulose/Cotton Microfibres


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Treecell Filler – Cellulose/Cotton Microfibres is a unique cotton texture powder produced by Sicomin. It is widely used as a structural adehsive when combined with 2-part epoxy resin systems. It is ideal for the bonding of wood but will work with most common substrates. Treecell Filler works by thickening resin preventing sag on vertical surfaces.  In combination with silica, it can be used as a high-density filler with smooth and strong thixotropic characteristics.

  • Affordable in comparison to purchasing separate filing and fairing products.
  • Long lasting can be stored longer than typical resin systems.
  • Flow control, including thickening and thixotropy
  • Compatible with epoxy and polyester resin systems.



Store at ambient temperature.

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Treecell Filler

1ltr – 0.15kg, 5ltr – 0.9kg


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