About Us

We provide free tutorials on all aspects of boat renovation, restoration,  and boating in general. Marine DIY and liveaboard life is the bread and butter of our website.  Boat-Renovation.com gives thousands of boating enthusiasts across the world a place to learn, love, share and build.  Members can:

Our Market 

We have thousands of hungry readers every month who are passionate about boating and our related DIY tutorials. Here are some examples of our target audience: sailors, renovators, restorers, cruisers, liveaboards, inland cruisers, fishermen, off-griders,  tradesmen, electricians, carpenters, surveyors. 

In December we had 1,898 unique readers visit the website and our traffic is on the rise! Being a fresh site with a niche market, we get quality traffic who are engaged with our posts and enjoy being part of our community.  In the marine industry, there is often a theme of “which product shall I buy and is it high quality?” We are more than happy to point people in the right direction knowing that our information is comprehensive and accurate.

Who We Work With

We only review products of interest, that are truly beneficial to our community.  Why? Well as much as we like to generate an income from product reviews and sponsored blog posts, the credibility of our website is what matters most.  If you have a unique product then the chances are we will be interested, and so will our readers.

Your product must be readily available to purchase online.

What We Can Offer

  1. A descriptive product review that will be hosted on our website indefinitely. You can use the review as a testimonial on your website or you can link to us directly. Our review will generate both traffic and buzz around your product.
  2. A sponsored blog post or tutorial featuring your product with links to your website.
  3. You can write us a unique article that benefits our users such as a tutorial, trade secret or technique.  This can be directly linked to your companies page or product.

What If We Don’t Like Your Product

As mentioned previously, we run a niche site that is committed to providing the best quality content for our readers to enjoy. If a product isn’t for us, we can offer discrete feedback free of charge. Just because it’s not suitable for our site doesn’t mean it’s not a good product and we are always happy to help companies develop their creations!

Companies That Have Worked With Us

Bilge Bug Float SwitchExcel Marine

We recently reviewed the Bilge Bug by Excel Marine, which our readers were very excited about. We were able to generate some hype and buzz around the product by targeting boating forums and Reddit pages.  The review is still in use and the company now have somewhere to direct potential customers to a testimonial from a legitimate source.

Advent Controls

We were more than happy to work with Advent Controls. We had been writing an article about GSM auto dialers and found that they made a circuit board which allows a user to receive a text if their boat is sinking. Naturally,  our readers loved this article and we enjoyed writing it!  Advent Control provided us with a unique diagram and step by step tutorial on how to implement their circuit board into a boat. This is the perfect example of great sponsored content. Everybody is a winner, the manufacturer sells circuit boards, and the reader gets a great tutorial and a cheap deal!
Advent Control - Diagram

How do I advertise?

Send an email to louis@boat-renovation.com with some information about your product. From there we will request a sample to review and we can work together to create a campaign.