We Support UK Marine Industry

Cleat Logo A world where one company holds all the cards, fixes the prices and sells poor-quality products doesn't work for us. We support independent UK companies who source and supply good quality marine products and are experts in their field.

Northwest - Pro Fabrics have been operating since 1974 they boast one of the UK's largest range of marine quality outdoor fabrics. A well-priced and highly knowledgeable source for any boat renovator.

The UK’s leading supplier of marine-compatible rubber seals and trims established in 1998 with an excellent customer service reputation.

Supplier of quality marine grade deck fittings and rigging with as well providing custom fabrication to UK customers.

Marine and auto paint specialist supplying custom single and 2k color matched paints in hand rolling tins and 2 pack cannisters.

Independent and authorised distributor of Jotun paints as well as providing a large range of marine and industrial paint coatings.

Specialist in canopy and stainless steel fittings with fast deliveres and a tonne of technical know-how.

Competitivly priced  GRP and core construction suppliers in the UK. Stocking a large supply of Sicomin and and Armacell products suitable for boat constuction and maintanance.

Why Choose Independent

Let's cut to the chase. The issue with allowing one platform to dominate the marine market is fraught with ethical issues. Platforms like Amazon put too much power in one set of hands. At BRP we like to shop locally where possible and order independently where practical.

  • Independent distributors try to compete with low-price items often failing and subsequently loosing sales.
  • Quality of goods reduce due to poor manufacturing.
  • Materials not as stated, inferior metals , stainless steel grades etc.
  • Products are falsely reviewed on mass.

Case Studies

It's easy to fall into the trap of buying cheap next-day delivery items to get a boat project back on track but before you do consider some of these case studies.

Stainless Steel D Loops

A wrongly listed and graded "stainless steel" D loop that had sadly been sewn into a permanent web around a permanent canopy frame.


D-Loop - Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Pop Buttons

These stainless steel pop buttons were falsely labelled as stainless steel marine grade.  These types of pop fittings are often punched and pressed semi-permanently onto marine canvases.

Stainless Steel - Pop Button