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Cruiser Boats For SaleHere you can use our classified listings to buy and sell used project boats.  Our boats for sale page is ideal for finding affordable projects that need a new lease of life. There are tonnes of boats out there waiting for a new owner so get to work!

Unfortunately, this part of the website is currently only serving the United Kingdom.


Today is 2024-03-04.
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Some things to consider

A boat is for life and not just for Christmas! When you see boats for sale it’s easy to imagine yourself on deck with a beer in hand, but here are a few realistic things you should consider before taking the plunge:

  • Transportation – Can be costly but fear not! Use our boat transport page to find out about the costs involved and receive quotes from some of the most reliable and cheapest  UK boat transportation companies.
  • Moorings  – Consider wisely where you will moor your boat.  In some popular cities and locations,  moorings have a 2-year waiting list as well as being hideously expensive! Before you buy a boat always make sure you have a place to keep it.
  • Experience –  Don’t set sail without it! If you are buying a project boat don’t transport it by sea without experience or someone who is experienced.  The sea is not forgiving and many lives have been lost due to people purchasing a boat and going off to sea with little or no experience or training.
  • Project Boats – They are called project boats for a reason! They are often not fit for the water and therefore will need some work before they are used again.
  • The Cost of Work – Renovating and restoring a boat doesn’t have to be massively expensive but it will require funds. Don’t rush into buying a used boat without having the funds to pay for the work. Marine materials can be expensive as are the tools needed.
  • Time – If you are already working 6 days a week and are limited in time then don’t buy a project boat that requires major work.   Every month your boat is out of the water it will cost you in hardstanding fees.  Choose a small project and work your way up.