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How It All Began - The Story

It began with Louis and a  27ft Yacht in which would become his home and ultimately his passion. With no experience in marine DIY or sailing  Louis began the journey into creating an affordable living space. The backlash of unaffordable renting in the South East Coast town of Brighton meant Louis had plenty of inspiration to look for a new and affordable home. Once he had located a mooring in which he could live just outside of Brighton Louis  began searching for suitable boats.

A Jaguar 27 project boat came up and happened to be in one of the only local marinas that allowed blind eye liveaboards. Jumping to the opportunity Louis convinced his partner to join him in a joint venture and taking the plunge into liveaboard life. This boat would be their home for the next two years and a place where Louis would learn all of the basic tasks involved in boat renovation and restoration. Asking local chandleries for advice as well as your fair share of liveaboards Louis grew a natural passion for all marine DIY and boat renovation. Louis decided to look for sailors, cruisers and liveaboards alike who share the same passion and the website was born. Boat Renovation People is now an open website with guest blogs posts and tutorials from of all walks of life.


More About Louis's First Boat Renovation

Jaguar 27 Boat Renovation.
Inside the Jaguar 27 - Louis's first boat renovation and home.

The plan was to convert an old Jaguar 27 Twin Keel Yacht from a dated day cruiser to a warm and cosy liveaboard home. The original gelcoat and non-slip areas were in what we would call an okay state, which meant the internal cabin areas and sleeping compartments were where the real work began. It was our mission to sort most of the currently non-existent basics such as toilet, hot water, water pumps , bilge pumps, windows, hatches and lights. Equally as important is storage: on a liveaboard storage is a major factor which meant having to re-fit the galley, toilet areas and pretty much anywhere else that space could be gained.

Once all of the internal work had been completed we could focus on what we call the "Fun Stage"; the choosing of a theme throughout the boat and running with it. Upholstery such as cushions, curtains and carpets were added to bring warmth and style to the boat. The last stage was really the external clean up, polishing gelcoat, restoring all the hardwood areas such as the hatches, grab rails, cockpit battens; bringing the boat back up to its former glory. The Jaguar 27  was a definitely a learning curve and a founding building block for what would become our passion for boat renovation.


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