Simploo Compost Toilet- A Full Review

There’s one thing all humans have in common, the clue is in the title of this article, that’s right! We all poo, yes its true, with the exception of Kim Jong-Un the North Korean leader, everyone at some point needs to let one rip! The problem is, traditional boat toilets (otherwise known as heads) can often be quite daunting to newbie boaters; especially when a sea head has the potential to sink your boat if installed wrong or poorly maintained.

It therefore comes as no surprise that boaters are looking for alternative ways to deal with there black waste and whether you are on the sea, canal or river, nobody wants to see other peoples poop float past. It really does spoil the view!


There’s Jabsco sea heads, cassette toilets, macerators; actually, come to think of it there are lots of options! Some of them more expensive than others, but the one we are here to review is the Simploo compost toilet.

It’s been over a year since I moved onto my Seamaster 950 project boat. I can’t deny it’s been a struggle, but needs must. One major issue has been the lack of water supply or sewerage system on the boatyard. I needed a solid solution (excuse the pun). My first plan was to go to the local pub every time I needed the toilet, but i quickly realized that wouldn’t work; I would be bankrupt within a week after excessive guilt-buying of Guinness and peanuts. My second idea was to use a cassette toilet and dump the waste somewhere, however, this is not sustainable or environmentally friendly. So I looked into compost toilets.

The Simploo compost toilet was one of the most affordable options allowing me to collect and compost my waste in a responsible and sustainable way. It also looks a bit like a traditional toilet (much more comfortable) with it’s white seat and glimmering shell.


The Simploo is a waterless composting toilet which uses the natural process of aerobic decomposition to manage human waste. In layman’s terms; a compost toilet allows your poop to start breaking down (aka composting), helping to reduce and remove pathogens and bacteria that can cause us harm.

It comes with a 20-litre container for solids and a urine separator with the option of a 7-litre urine bottle. An extractor fan is also included in the kit in either 12v dc and 240v ac. This means the extractor can be hooked up to your battery or you shore-power.


Width – 35cms  Height – 50cms  Length 52cms (excluding the fan housing which is 3cms long) making it small enough to fit into most boats with ease.


After a year of regular use, it’s safe to say that I am most defiantly happy with the purchase. It’s been ideal, as the unit is compact and can fit into a wet room without using up too much space. The white plastic seat and shell are easy to clean with anti-bacteria wipes, making it a hygienic option for boaters. I usually line the bottom of the solids container with a bin liner and then after a month of use, I transfer the waste to a composting bin located outside, along with food scraps and any other organic waste. The urine goes into the ground, away from any water source. I’ve found sawdust to be the best material for scattering after each use of the solids container, to reduce any off-putting smells.

The fan is more essential in the summer months due to the heat and rate of decomposition. In the winter, when fruit flies aren’t such an issue, I simply open the window; it saves on battery life! It’s a good idea to use more sawdust in the summer to keep the wet room smelling fresh. All this aside, compost toilets are often an art-form to get right, but there are plenty of online groups out there to help you along the way (so don’t be discouraged!) People can be negative about compost toilets, they are often seen as smelly and unhygienic yet the same people continue to drink household water from the same water supply they defecate in.

It’s also worth mentioning that the 20-litre solids container isn’t enough space to allow you to complete the entire composting process. One other option is to purchase a few more containers and rotate them. The Simploo will only really allow you to start the composting process before emptying into a secondary container. There simply isn’t enough room for a years supply of toilet trips in one pot! Some expensive compost toilets have a heating element which speeds the process up. But if you wanted to be clever, a DIY heating mat will do the same thing and for a fraction of the cost.


  • For a compost toilet, it is affordably priced at £299.00–£329.00 for the entire unit in comprasion to other compost toilets on the market.
  • 20 litres solid container, which is easy to clean if using a liner.
  • 7-litre urine collection bottle.
  • 12v dc and 240v ac options.
  • The unit is strong and will take a lot of weight.
  • Available with a urine pipe and urine collector depending on your needs.
  • Good and responsive customer service.
  • Small and will fit in most tiny home bathrooms.
  • Incredibly lightweight making it ideal for both boats, and campervan conversions where weight is an isssue.


  • Doesn’t look quite as glamorous as some of the more high-end compost toilets on the market.
  • The urine cap sometimes falls out of the urine container when you lift out for a clean.
  • The urine collection bottle can’t be washed out with boiling water.
  • Traditional Sea heads and cassette toilets are more affordfable.
  • To check the urine level you will need to lift the seat up. Failure to check will lead to urine over flowing.

9 thoughts on “Simploo Compost Toilet- A Full Review”

  1. We have a Simploo on our boat in the UK. Happy enough with it but we have a C-Head on our Bahamas boat, which we are on now and which we think is better we have had it for 6 years. But nearly 2x the price plus shipping from USA having said that both sre better than a conventional sea toilet

    1. Hi Richard, I’m interested in why you think the C-Head is better. I’m currently deciding between both (I’m in Mexico and would have to import both via the US) at the moment I’m leaning towards the Simploo as it has a nicer design and is cheaper even with the import fees. But can just as easily get a C-Head which I was sold on before finding the Simploo. I wonder if the churning system makes a difference. Would love to know your thoughts!

      1. We’ve been using the C Head for a couple of years now. The churning system means you don’t have to add medium after every deposit. The C Head urine diverting system is sometimes tricky for us females, which problem I have solved with using a silicone funnel . The Simploo is sounding attractive to me, sounds easier to maintain and clean. BUT: it’s not a true composting toilet, not even a dessicating toilet as is the C head.

  2. we started with peat moss but now use compressed pine pellets (cat or, better, horse litter, but not clay based cat litter) as that seems to work better and takes up less storage space. the pine pellets are cat litter we got ours on Amazon. As i say dont get the cheap clay type. And horse litter is also pine pellets if you buy in bulk thats cheaper. We use 2 coffee jars at a time and it lasts 2 weeks for 2 people. 3 weeks is maximum

  3. I got one in my boat. I know, i know, i know… it would take me a years worth of defication to equal the spew of one whales wet fart… but its fun filling that thing up with a years worth of excrement, and all that extra weight stops it from sliding and sloshing about while at sea… ciddling up with defication while out at sea has kept me warm and comfortable.

  4. I too have had a Simploo for nearly 2 years. I LOVE it! Easy to use, easy to clean. I double bag and bin and use wood shavings from a carpenter mate as cover. It’s cheaper than all the other compost loos (unless you make your own). I don’t see the point of the lid thing for the poo box so Ive chucked that – it prevents the fan from access to the box anyway. After about a year, the separator started to crack slightly down a join – nothing major, but Kate immediately sent me a new and thicker one free of charge. I feckin ❤️ Simploo!!!!!
    (PS I don’t make compost but reckon once it’s in Landfill it’s gonna turn to compost anyway so no harm to anyone or environment.)

    1. Mandy, we’re about to order a Simploo for our boat. my wife has a concern that urine separation may not work as well for a woman as for a man. Any comment? Thanks!

      1. I would actually say the Simploo can be quite problematic when it comes to the urine separation. Especially when guests use the toilet, the wee tends to go into the solids container then this taints the solids. It’s fine once you know how to use the toilet and are well practised. For this reason, I would say your wife is correct.

  5. One major problem with all composting toilets, and especially the simploo is their height. Obvious, as there has to be a large container to hold the waste. But many small boats cannot fit them as the heads compartment lacks headroom. Its a bit of a stretch to use our Simploo as it was fitted on the old seatoilet plinth. So bear that in mind and measure carefully before ordering/fitting

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