Boat Building And Crocodiles

Meet Kyaw Htet Aung; a Burmese boat builder and repairer. Kyaw is the vice-captain at Yangon Universities Boat Club. He races kayaks and carries out repairs for his team. His current project is a single scull rowing boat which he will use to train and race on Lake Inya. His team won gold and bronze medals at Varsity Boat Race 2016 in Malaysia. His great work was stumbled upon on social media and he was happy to share his story!

Louis – In the UK materials are fairly easy to come by – how do source your materials?
Kyaw –“There is a lack of fibreglass teachers in my country especially for racing and rowing boats. I learnt what I know on YouTube. I buy my materials here but they are sourced from China. Some materials I can’t buy in my country like carbon fibre,  woven mat and yarn.


Louis – Can you make a living from building canoes?
Kyaw – “Yes – If I could make a mould I think I could- if we had all the materials and enough equipment I think we could do everything!”



Louis – “So you have already said that your current project is a single scull rowing boat; how long do you think it will take?”
Kyaw – “Maybe 2 weeks”
Louis – “Wow that’s faster than me! Have you made many before?”
Kyaw – “Yes; our club can’t afford to buy new rowing boats. We have no money; we have no budget as our government doesn’t support us. So if we want to buy or make boats, we have to find a way to do it ourselves.”



Burma Boat Building -Boat Building And Crocodiles



Yangon University Boat Club

Louis“What would you like to do in the future?”
Kyaw – “In the future, I want to create car accessories and carbon fibre bicycles”
Louis – “Which do you love more, rowing boats or building them?”
Kyaw – “I like to row more than I do repairing boats”
Louis – “So Burma is famous for its crocodiles, I like to think I would row faster if they were in the lake. Do you have them in Lake Inya?
Kyaw – “Yes we do, in fact, crocodiles make up our club logo”
Louis – “Well thank you for your time Kyaw and I hope to hear more about your work on the website!


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