Can This Boat Be Saved?

Can this boat be saved?

We came across an end of the line post about this old relic – do you think it could be saved or is it time to let it go!?

Boat Relic “I need help… anyone love sailing? Or dig destruction??

I need to “move” this 26′ fixed keel sailboat from city property so Gold Hill can continue repairing the water lines… (No pressure, right?!?)
Issue: There is NO trailer.. and the boat is in very bad condition.., and to top it all, I’m not quite sure who still owns this boat/title…..
This boat was purchased for $52 off of eBay in 2005, where my Dad drove to L.A. to pick it up.. the trailer used then is no longer usable, and this boat has just sat here… My father passed a few years ago, leaving this boat.., to our burden.
With this said, I am 100% down for a plasma torch and removal bins (though funds are tight and I don’t have access to a plasma torch, or any tools that would tare apart a sailboat) … But wanted to see if anyone else had any suggestions or ideas, as I’m am desperately trying to resolve this.
Feel free to share this status as I need to find the right person to help, so Gold Hill can get this water project finished… Thank you!!”
Old Relic - Boat Scrap

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