• wayne changed their profile picture 7 years, 4 months ago

    • Bleddy hell Wayne is that it on the water?! Do I need to go to YBW to catch up ?

      • Yeah mate,enjoying the Leeds-Liverpool system atm, just fitted a nice Gypsy wood burner on it,nice and toasty now. Getting rid offabric canopy and replacing with Laminated panels asap.Then all done for now. Im looking for another project as we speak. Must be mad

        • Ahh I’m not going to lie I’m quite jealous I’m currently cocooned in a flat waiting for the summer to come. The log burner sounds like a great idea though. Like I say I’m jelous. What size are you for next ?!

          • Looking for something around 30ft plus mate, for use on river if poss. been looking fora few weeks now. if you see anything, pls shout me, I will post in forum also that I am looking, you never know.
            Went to boat this morningbut canal was frozen, so like you I was cocooned lol

            • Ah bleddy hell haha sounds boring!, yeh post what you are looking for on the forum and i’ll keep my eyes out for you.

    • I’ve mad a new category just for yours truly..