Using Shower Pumps For Boat Drainage

In this video Alex demonstrates his method of using a 12v sump pump box to form a deck cockpit drainidge system.  The original cockpit drain fittings didn't have enough drop to allow for adequate drainage due to a lack of pressure and the outlets being below the waterline.

This method mitigates the problem by using the sump box with an automatic trigger.


Issues That Could Occur

BRP appreciates the ingenuity of using a highly available affordable sump pump to solve a common drainage issue. However, we also think that its best to avoid using a battery to provide crucial drainage onboard.

A vessel shouldn't sink if a battery goes flat.  Even relying on a trickle charge for a solar panel to power a bilge pump comes with relative risk.

Typically the automatic float switch can become lodged open with debris. This then keeps the pump operating dry. If no one is on the boat to notice the pump subsequently burns out.  Then you have yourself a boat that's filling with water.

Stick with self-draining cockpit fittings if you have that option available.

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