Bow Plate Repair – Hurley 22

Bow Plate Repair – Hurley 22 – Long Keel Yacht

The Bow plate area from hell repair! The condition of this Hurley 22 bow plate was more or less that of the entire boat- osmosis damage as well as some considerable sledge hammer like knocks; we presume an anchor.  Our first question when looking at this type of repair is what is wrong structurally? Our next question is what kind of a finish are we after and to suit what purpose? The area wasn’t majorly damaged; it was the original gelcoat that had taken the majority of the beating, however because of its position on the boat it did need some fibreglass paste to strength the edges. Because the boat was in the water laying fibreglass sheeting wasn’t ideal so we chose a fibreglass polyester resin with chop strand pre-mixed. Hand sanding the area with a longboard and some 60 grit gave us flat surface to work on. The area was then thoroughly hoovered and cleaned with acetone. We now have a flat surface albeit a cracked one!  The major areas we filled with resin & chop strand and then some less structural, more aesthetic polyester fairing compound to get a smooth finish. Once the area was flat and sufficiently faired we gave the whole area a layer of Crystic Prime coat by Scott Bader.  After the fairing and priming was complete the hard work was done! The Topcoat and re-fitting the bow plate was all there was left to do.

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