Contour Sanding Using Old Rollers

There’s only so long you can put off those dreaded tasks, so today was the day I started one. Having just removed a Volvo Penta 280 Outdrive I decided it was time to give this beautiful leg a new lease of life. Whilst trying to sand and prep I realised I couldn’t quite reach some of the contours of the leg. This meant a simple solution to my problem was required.

Strangely I hadn’t yet chucked away all of the low nap rollers that I’ve been using to paint 2 pack paints and resins. Notably, It’s possible to save your rollers with acetone but most of the time you’re way too busy to clean them; hence they go to waste. By wrapping sandpaper around old rollers I found you can easily sand contours. It may even be better to use a NEW low nap roller to give the sandpaper a slight cushioning helping it ease into those corners.

Low Nap Roller
Contour Sanding

3 thoughts on “Contour Sanding Using Old Rollers”

  1. I use sausage rolls it just gets abit messy and they tend to loose their flavour aswell..wondering if you have any solutions ..ive tried wrapping them cling film first and may mum even suggested foil but I dont belive she knows whats shes talking about..

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