Contour Sanding Using Old Rollers

There’s only so long you can put off those dreaded tasks, so today was the day I started one. Having just removed a Volvo Penta 280 Outdrive I decided it was time to give this beautiful leg a new lease of life. Whilst trying to sand and prep I realised I couldn’t quite reach some of the contours of the leg. This meant a simple solution to my problem was required.

Strangely I hadn’t yet chucked away all of the low nap rollers that I’ve been using to paint 2 pack paints and resins. Notably, It’s possible to save your rollers with acetone but most of the time you’re way too busy to clean them; hence they go to waste. By wrapping sandpaper around old rollers I found you can easily sand contours. It may even be better to use a NEW low nap roller to give the sandpaper a slight cushioning helping it ease into those corners.

Low Nap Roller
Contour Sanding

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