Create A Gelcoat Laminate Sheet

In this tutorial, you will learn to create a gelcoat laminate sheet using a plastic mould, release agent, chop strand and gelcoat.  Notably, in this tutorial, the method could be used to create any type of flat surface composite sheet. For example; you could create a galley worktop using a food safe gelcoat and fibreglass backing. The mould that’s used in this video is pretty basic, a large sheet of plastic would essentially do the same thing.  A slight mark can be seen on the shiny sign of the composite sheet but this may be avoided by building up a few layers of gelcoat before the backing is added so it does not protru


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  1. Very good video very simple and informative I’ve been searching for advice this is the best I’ve come across thanks ,in your opinion is it possible to add a foam sheet after the laminating process.or best to let it cure then bond it .ie basically making a foam core panel

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