How To Cut Aluminium Safely

Aluminium is lightweight, affordable and can be drilled, filed and cut easily using the right tools. This makes aluminium ideal for DIY fabrication. This video demonstrates how to cut aluminium safely. Extra care should be taken when cutting or grinding aluminium as it is not only toxic but explosive/combustible, given the right conditions. A full respirator must be worn to protect against toxic dust. Like most metal work involving power tools, enclosed goggles as well as gloves or also advisable.

It is safer to use a jigsaw blade or hacksaw as they will both produce less fine dust particles. Notably, this tutorial advises that if you only have an angle grinder available then a stone blade made from silicon carbide will produce less dust and will, therefore be safer. Lubricating a jigsaw blade will also help ease the cutting process.  It is better to use specific jigsaw blade that has been designed for the sole purpose of cutting metal.

You can read more about the health hazards of working with aluminium here >>


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  1. Another great video you’ve found, if people aren’t already using a mask then they are pretty damn stupid! Anyway thanks very helpful.

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