Boat Storage – Reclaimed Drawer Cupboard

DIY Cupboard For Boat

Recently I’ve been procrastinating and taking on any job that doesn’t involve refitting my engines. Why’s that you ask? Well, engineering is currently my weakest skill set, so it’s only natural that I’ll avoid it at all costs!

Luckily I’ve got plenty of jobs to distract me. One aspect of my current renovation I need to improve is storage.  Surprisingly, the Seamaster 950 is 30ft long and has an 11ft beam but somehow doesn’t have enough storage onboard.  Realising I need to improve the boats “feng shui” I’ve created a cupboard that’s attached to my main bulkhead. 

I didn’t want to spend weeks creating handcrafted woodwork masterpieces as at the moment I simply don’t have the time.  I came up with a simple soloution – reclaiming drawers. I found two beautiful hardwood drawers On a boat that was soon to be broken apart and most likely burnt.  The drawers were covered in mud and needed a thorough cleaning. Cleaning old drawers was a fair trade-off in comparison to creating cupboards from scratch.

I clamped, screwed and glued the two drawers together for a strong bond. After half an hour of light sanding and distressing the top and side sections, they were ready for some wood stain/ protector. I added a piece of plywood for the cabinet door and painted it with Ronseal Diamond Hard Floor Paint. To finish the job I now need to order a solid brass cup handle and ball catch but aside from that, I’m happy!

Boat Storage - DIY Drawer Cupboard

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