DIY Wood Filler- Wood Flour And Resin

This tutorial provides a DIY solution to filling holes and gaps in wooden areas by creating a homemade DIY Wood Filler. This technique can be used with both polyester and epoxy resins.  Resin compatible dyes can be used to create colour matching where needed.  It is notable that if you can get a piece of the same wood to create the wood flour, then the matching process will be easier.  The strength of the resin is also much superior to that of traditional 1 part wood fillers and shop bought fillers.

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2 thoughts on “DIY Wood Filler- Wood Flour And Resin”

  1. I’ve got a small (16 foot) fibreglass hulled sailboat and have small holes in the keel punctured by the trailer used to carry the boat. The holes are less than 1/2” in diameter.
    I like the idea of using wood flour and resin to fill these holes before applying a coat of fibreglass and paint.

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