1968 Binks Flying Dutchman Renovation

Meet John; based in Melbourne, Australia, John bought a 1968 Binks Flying Dutchman for $50 with a full set of sails and trailer included.  The only problem was that this boat needed some major repairs structurally and more than a few licks of paint! The Binks Flying Dutchman takes its name from the well-known myth of the legendary ghost ship that forever sails the ocean.  In fact, it’s probably safe to say that this boat looked like it had been floating around Davey Jones’ Locker!

So with that in mind, John passed the batten to his son Owen and with his supervision, his son began working on the boat. John claims his son had never used power tools let alone hand tools before.  Since the project began he has replaced the transom and centreboard as well as other sections and is still working hard on it today. We’ve added some photos of the project below:

Binks Flying Dutchman

Decking and cockpit flooring in need of stripping
Decking and cockpit flooring in need of stripping.
Owen getting to grips with the tools.
Binks Flying Dutchman in full view.
Planning the work ahead.

Putting in the marine ply.

To be continued…



3 thoughts on “1968 Binks Flying Dutchman Renovation”

  1. I live near Melbourne and have an original 1967 Binks Flying Dutchman that has been in storage for 40 years. Perhaps John and Owen might like to contact me for ideas. Cheers Case

    1. Hello Case, Unfortunately, I’ve checked the email correspondence for this article and i can’t find anything, so I can’t provide you a contact.
      Sorry about that and good luck with your mission!

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