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    David Hanks

      I’m part way through a restoration of an Elysian 27. She’s a 4 berth centre cockpit cruiser. When I got the boat it was in usable condition. Engine and gearbox are perfect. Everything else was a bit tired so I decided to gut her! Currently she is on the hard in my back garden. I’ve torn out the V berth, head liner, sole and electrics in the forward cabin and total gutted the aft cabin. Removed the galley, settees, water tanks and all electrics.

      My plan is to totally rewire and upgrade with LED lights, new bilge pumps and shower sump, all new furniture and head liner, full repaint on the hull and topsides, new cover and rub rails. I will add some pictures here as I go.

      David Hanks

        Some more pictures:

        I removed the old console. I’m still not sure if I’ll repair and reuse or if I’ll put the wheel straight onto the bulk head. None of the gauges or switches worked except for the temperature and oil pressure so they need to be replaced. Also there’s loads of holes where gauges and switches have been added and removed in the past that will need to be filled.

        The original wiring job wasn’t bad. I found a few dodgy joints where things had been added on but overall it was ok. The insulation on the cables has gone hard and brittle so I’m replacing it all.

        The aft cabin had loads of muck and grime under the floor. It took a few days to clean. I went at it with a bucket and sponge because I didn’t want to add loads of water to the boat but in the end I got the pressure washer out. I should have done that from the start. Now you could eat your dinner off it.

        P.S. I’ve reread and edited this three times because my grammar was brutal. I’m typing this in work whilst answering the phone and dealing with customers so forgive any mistakes!

        David Hanks

          Looking for advice on interior paint…what are people using? The inside of the hull has had numerous paint jobs over the years. It will be hidden by furniture and liners so don’t know why I’m bothering but I feel like i should paint it. Should I use cheap and cheerful interior house paint?


            Hey David beautiful project by the way- I’ve used Hempel – Bilge And Locker paint with massive success. When I first moved on to my Jaguar 27 the paint under the half berths was flaking off and covered in thick black mold. I had the luxury of being able to to get under there with a jet wash on a hot day and blast it off. The place got soaked but it did the job quickly. I then cleaned with a large sponge. Lastly I did a light hand sand over the entire area that I was going to paint.

            I used an electric fan heater to dry the area and applied Bilge and locker paint which is a 1 part enamel. After 2 years of sleeping in their /kicking getting damp it held up amazingly. you shouldn’t need a primer and it’s fairly thick and will only require 1 thick coat with a second for patching up.
            I personally would only ever use that now having had amazing results. I’ve used white but would advise a light grey.

            David Hanks

              Thanks. Doesn’t seem too expensive. I’ll give it a bash


                Welcome David,
                Nice boat there bud, keep posting pics and updating us on your progress.
                I installed LEDs in my Norman project, great for conserving power and great lighting.
                (The lights were originally fitted in my kitchen, ripped the transformers off them and put lights into my boat, my wife went ballistic when she returned home to see them missing from our house)
                Ah well, at least my boat is well lit.

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