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      The Lightweight Canoe Solution Is here

      Are you looking for a light weight foldable dinghy? Have you had enough of carrying large, heavy dinghies around all day? Or perhaps you have grown frustrated of dealing with limited storage space?  Boating should be simple, the sun’s out and the weathers perfect and it’s time to go.

      Until now traditional dinghies have made things hard, weight restrictions, roof racks, storage at home. Most dinghies simple end up blocking hallways and cluttering sheds, that’s if you’re lucky enough to be able to store one indoors.

      Don’t worry, the solution is here

      mydinghy – £1,199.00

      Imagen a 9.4 ft 1 to 2 persons highly portable dinghy that only weighs only 24kg and has a compactable size of only 94cm x 21cm x 64cm. MyDinghy doesn’t sacrifice weight for quality its made out of double layered marine-grade polypropylene.  It is perfect for sharing with family and friends and is ideal for a quick trip to the water.


      The dinghy is made from a custom marine grade polypropylene with a 15 year UV treatment that is rated for 20,000 folds.  Marine grade stainless steel bolts and aluminium frames mean no rusting.

      MyDinghy - Foldable Dinghy



      Performance and versatility:

      Award winning, TUV certified, better or comparable with traditional canoes. Optional stabiliser, oar lock kit and motor for fishing and other activities.


      • Origami style canoe & dinghy.

      • Folds into a smart compact case.

      • Compact size (94cm x 21cm x 64cm) ~ weight 24kg

      • Simply rinse or clean after use.

      • Stainless steel bolts, aluminium frames means no rusting.

      • Safe to use in saltwater.

      • 9.4 ft Dinghy – 1 to 2 persons.

      • Attach a small outboard motor.

      • Easy to assemble & disassemble.

      • Double-layered marine graded solid corrugated polypropylene.

      • 20,000 fold cycles/ approx 30 years.

      • No need to screw & turn any bits (all accessories safely clip into place)

      • Robust, UV-resistant & tough.

      • Naturally buoyant material, durable & stable, stays afloat if capsized.

      • Check-in at airports.

      • Stores easily [loft, car boot, shed, cupboard.

      • Maximum weight dinghy (396 lbs/180kg)

      • TÜV SÜD certification among other regulatory bodies.

      • Award winning design

      • Suitable for fishing …

      BUY NOW – £1,1079


        These look really amazing dude but they are a bit out of my price rage. I can really see the appeal of having one with an electric motor. Lets hope those Tesla batteries get cheaper dang they’d make these things go fast.

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