How To Grind Fiberglass Neatly

In this video, Andy from Boat Works demonstrates how a belt sander can be used effectively to  grind fibreglass reducing cleanup and overall mess. Whilst many people traditionally use angle grinders to grind fibreglass a belt sander can be more effective in sending dust particles and debris into a more controlled direction.  Using an additional extractor fan can also help to reduce dust and keep a workshop or enclosed area safe. Notably, Andy also demonstrates how a belt sander can be used to create slightly new contours around fibreglass hatches.

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2 thoughts on “How To Grind Fiberglass Neatly”

  1. I’ve done this for 30 years with a giant fan. Learn to aim the grinder and use the outward spray off the top of the wheel .
    I use a soft pad with hookit discs from 3m , watch the rotation of your grinder and position it where the disc throws the glass out and away from you, looking down at the wheel it will be the left side and it will throw it out not back at you.

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