Use An Old Pot Noodle As A Mixing Cup

So you’ve planned to lay some fibreglass or paint your boat and you can’t find any decent sized party cups or measuring beacons to mix it in. Don’t worry BRP has you covered! Using an old pot noodle package you can measure out 400ml of any liquid using the top line as an indicator. If that’s too much then a 2p coin can be placed below the bottom line to measure 200ml approximately.

The good thing is they’re pretty sturdy and can be held easily in one hand. If a flexible additive hasn’t been used in the resin then once it’s set you should be able to squeeze the pot and remove any excess resin and start again!

Here are the steps:

Step 1 – Buy, eat and enjoy a standard size pot noodle. (It’s hard work but someone’s got to do it!)

Resin mixing

Step 2 – Clean thoroughly, removing all the contents, dirt and grease with washing up liquid and dry.

Step 3 – Fill the container to the top line for 400ml of whatever it is your wanting to use!

Alternative Step – Use a 2p coin under the bottom line to mark the 200ml point if less resin or paint is required. This works best with a white pot noodle container as you can clearly mark the 200ml point.

Happy painting or laying – whatever it is your doing!

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