Small And Bizarre Boats – Could You Build One?

Whilst recently browsing the interwebz for all things marine related the folks of Boat Renovation People have come across a lot of bizarre and small boats. At first, i laughed at these diddlies as I couldn't imagine bracing the grand ocean in something that looks like it would be swallowed by a fart in the bathtub. However, these nifty little vessels got us thinking; is there a future for personal watercrafts? Surely there is money to be made in a boat that is mobile, efficient and affordable? Could it even be made in your back yard?

We have teamed up with Anthony Curtis Owner of the Unusual Small Boats and PWC group to bring you 6 of the smallest and most bizarre water vessels for inspiration!


Powered by an electric motor this super silent Quadrofoil is a modern, catamaran-style craft allowing the lucky owners to reach speeds of up to 25mph! The boat appears to hover above the water using its four foils to create lift with minimal water resistance. The manufacturer claims the boat is unsinkable therefore it will come as no surprise it retails at £17,586. Not exactly an IKEA-style backyard do-it-yourself but is this the future?

Length - 9ft

Date Built - still manufactured

Wetbike Watercycle

Originally produced by Spirit Marine; the wetbike is a planing water motorcycle that is often described as cross between a motorcycle and a jet ski. Apparently, these things act just like motorbikes on the water and boy do they shift! Wetbikes grew popular after the release of the classic James Bond film 'The Spy Who Loved Me.' in 1977. Hardly an eco-efficient vessel but will this motorbike inspired shape, like Bond himself, remain timeless?
Length - 7.5 ft
Date Built - 1977

Seafire Boat

These small and wonderful speedboats were originally produced by Al Marine; the partnership that was created in 1972 between Alma Components and boat designer John Neate. Along with the Seafire, they also produced the spitfire. javelin and rarest of them all, the meteor. Detailed information on the Seafire's history can be found here. Although these boats now seem dated in design, could an enclosed electronic version be the future?

Length - 10.5 ft

Date Built -1972

Lone Star Meteor

The Lone Star Meteor is a 14ft micro boat that was designed in the 1950's and inspired by American automobile designs around the same time. It was produced by Bob Hammond and retailed at around $1600. The one pictured boasted a 40hp outboard engine and a colour scheme to die for. I can imagine this was marketed as a boat of the future but unfortunately, poor hydrodynamics means it never really took off!

Length 14ft

Date Built 1955

The Schiller S1 bike

This strange but wonderful personal watercraft is a fairly new concept boat bike that aims to combine the perks of cycling with our sea and waterways.  The only problem is it retails at $4,850.00 so unless you have more money than sense this one's probably not turning up under the Christmas tree! They may find it hard to convince people to pay nearly £5000 for a vessel that requires peddling! If only the Flinstones had thought of this one....

Length - 13ft

Date Built - still manufactured

Helicat 22

This helicopter-inspired catamaran is a modern and streamlined 22ft beauty that reaches speeds of 20-40 mph depending on the engine ordered. The manufacturer claims its even seaworthy in rough conditions as water can not gather and flood the vessel. Retailing for $74,900 she's quite the expensive toy but definitely looks the part!

Length 21ft

Date Built - still manufactured

Could you build one of these?

Admittedly not all of the above are backyard beauties but they all use clever design and hydrodynamic technology to surf the waves micro-style! Have you seen anything weirder or could you do any better?

Send your small boat images and ideas to [email protected].



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