Types Of Fibreglass Reinforcements

In this tutorial, you will learn about the different types of fibreglass reinforcements used in GRP construction. Notably in this tutorial, you are run through the most basic type of sheeting-  chop stand matting; all the way to high-high peformance sheets such as Kevlar and carbon fibre.  All of the reinforcement sheeting in this video can be used in boat building and renovation but like most materials have there pros and cons. Cost, strength, durability and aesthetic are some of the factors to consider when choosing sheets for a project. For example, a surfboard cloth has a closely knitted weave and will look great once laminated, where as; chop stand matting will provide some strength but will look rough. Whilst fillers, primers and gelcoats can be used to make a laminate surface looks great it’s often better to finish with a high quality sheet.



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