Water Storage Made Easy – A Simple Liveaboard Solution

Water Storage- A cheap an easy solution 

It was almost a year and a half before I sorted a water storage solution for our boat and liveaboard needs. God knows why, but I always used a kettle to hold the main drinking water supply.  Luckily the water supply was outside on the jetty and right next to the boat. Even when the tap was 30  seconds away, my partner and I still managed to have plenty of joyful arguments about who’s turn it was to fetch the water! Winter and heavy wind made this 30-second perilous trip even worse; especially when you had already got into your PJs. But never the less, a cup of tea was often needed and someone had to go (most often me)!

The kettle was an okay vessel but you’d need to fill a few plastic bottles for cold water especially if the kettle was about to be heated.  Using cheap plastic water bottles for your main water isn’t great for your health; you’d be better off eating a few cubes of Lego for dinner. This is because disposable water bottles rapidly break down and begin to dissolve into your water.

The Solution 

Water Storage
water storage – 5-liter Containers

I had searched around for camping water holders but nothing really stood out, nor were they suitable for our small space. One day I ordered a 4 pack of transparent storage containers with the sole intention of using them to store paint and fuel, so it could be easily poured. These were cheap as chips so I presumed they would only be suitable for paint. One afternoon I had a spare one lying around and had the idea of checking the bottom. To my surprise, they were made from food grade plastic!

I had finally done it – a super cheap water storage solution that doesn’t make my water taste like lego man wee. They were made from high-density polyethylene. Light and fairly compact; they really did do the job.  Two of these on the boat at a time and we only had to fill them up every few days.

My only slither of extra advice is to make sure you keep them labeled, as  you wouldn’t want your acetone to get mixed up with your drinking water – ouch!

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