Printing 3D Solar Panel Mounts

In this video Alex enlists his friend Sam to help design and print custom 3D mounts for his onboard solar system. These mounts will be attached to the rails located at that transom of Alexes yacht. Alex gives us a detailed account of the proccess involoved in 3D printing these mounts from the design to the installation.

As always he dives into the 12v electric side of the installation with great tips on crimping terminals.


3D Printing Technology

The use of 3D printing technology in the marine environment is becoming increasingly more popular.  This means more boaters have the means to print their own parts or source 3D printing locally. We love Alex's custom 3D printed solar mounts.

The design is fairly simple but allows for an adequate clamp on the stainless steel tubing.  The length of the supporting clamp underneath the panel also helps with the overall strength of the the mount and removes the need for a complicated framework.

This design works particularly well for flexible lightweight panels but there could be issues with using heavier panels. Notably, its best to calulate your weight and consider this when picking a mounting method.



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