Moving and Installing 12v Socket Ports

In this video, Alex is faced with the common issue of hatches fouling on 12v USB sockets onboard.   Notably in this video, he uses the face of the 12v socket to draw a cutting patten guide for 2 new holes. Alex also shows us the correct method of crimping electric fittings onboard.

Tips And Comments

Watch out for Holesaw Binding

Using the face of your 12v switch to mark a cutting pattern is an excellent idea but be cautious about hole saws catching or binding on the edge of your plastic face. This can sometimes crack brittle plastics especially those used on dashboards where UV has deteriorated the plastic.

Instead,  consider pressing the pilot of the hole saw into the piece your cutting to transfer a mark without activating the drill. Then remove your plastic face and cut your holes without the piece.

Hoover Ends

Adding a bit of tape to the end of a plastic or metal hoover end will stop it from making or scratching surfaces when you cleanup.




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