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Andy Miller is a US-based marine how-to Vlogger who has single-handedly changed and influenced the landscape of MarineYouTube vlogging as we know it. To date, he has published close to 300 in-depth tutorials.

His channel was born in 2011 and now you won't find any boating technical group or forum worth its salt where Boat Works Today hasn't been mentioned.

Andy openly admits- that he didn't go to boat building school instead he enlisted on an apprentiship where he'd slog away for the next 7 years learning his trade.

Boat Works Influence ON BRP

We started watching Andy's videos over a decade ago.  In fact- his channel helped us renovate our first yacht, a Jaguar 27 otherwise known as the Catalina 27.  At the time, YouTube marine tutorials were quite limited.  Facebook technical groups were also still relatively unpopular and practical boating forums were your main source of learning.

With FB becoming ever-popular- it changed the way we consume and learn. The once-popular sailing forums kind of fizzled out and couldn't keep up with FB's addictive nature.   Suddenly everyone had an opinion; everyone is always entitled to an opinion it just doesn't make it right. The problem is naturally- we all think we're right.

Andy's channel went about debunking common myths amongst groups and forums.  Through this work his Channel has grown popular wordwide through its ability to quickly educate and teach a basic to advanced level of GRP repairs and general boat works to anyone that has the time to learn.

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