Costs For New Boat Ownership

In this video, Luis boat DIY enthusiast and mobile barber discusses his inspiring journey in Securing an Ohlson 38 sailboat after Lockdown. A detailed account from the beginning of the Hull Survey to the typical costs involved with mooring and hardstanding routine maintenance.

Luis also takes us through some of the often forgotten costs-  the initial layout on quality tools, engine service kits, insurance, rigging, and storage. If you're looking for an honest account  - this video is for you.


Initial Purchase

The best bit of advice we can give someone looking to purchase a new boat is patience.  The market goes up or down each year but generally speaking, it follows a similar pattern. The exception to this was the covid, where the market shot through the roof and boats were being listed double-fold. Good time to be a seller but not a buyer.

Making Good Decisions

  • If you're prepared to travel for a boat and have the ability to sail it back safely then you're going to save money here. Consider isolated parts of the country, places that have a cheaper economy.
  • Hire a skipper if you're not experienced, just make sure they're qualified, we recently repaired Westelerey Berek which had its hull damaged after a hired skipper grounded the boat.  ouch!
  • Always get a hull survey- rigging, engine and electrical surveys are also worth their wait in gold, but don't expect this to all be covered under a basic hull survey.
  • Haggle - and be patient don't rush into  a sale.
  • Try get yourself into a position where you're a cash buyer.
  • Flip a small boat first and learn the ropes on that project.
  • Remember boats are a wasting asset unless you buy cheap.  Remember, you can, however, live on your boat and save money on bills ( Check your potential moorings first.

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