Coronet 24 Family Renovation By James

Coronet 24 Family Renovation

Coronet family 24 before and after many hours and hard work.
The boat was in a very poor condition when I found her near the Thames in London. Afterwards, I had the boat trailered by a company to a  friends yard in Lymington. From there I would spend the next 3 years restoring it to its former glory.

Once the boat was at the yard I went about giving it a modern touch. The upholstery was redone, everything! Then I rewired and stripped the internals back to bare wood. I sanded until the wood shone and varnished with polyurethane Epifanes 2 pack to finish.

Removed all doors and windows and hatches the head the console everything that would come out, lifted every board and cleaned painted and took apart everything. Even kept and cleaned every brass screw but renewed the cups!

The windows, doors and hatches were broken down into individuals aluminium and wood bits. I also cleaned the glass and all channels resealing, rebuilding and reinstalling.  I've added some extra parts but the majority has been kept as original. The beautiful nav lights have also just been restored.

inboard engines were also cleaned, painted, stripped down and serviced. They are  Twin Volvo Penta with two matching legs.

The project is now finished, I get out on her as often as I can!



Renovation By James

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