Norman 20 Renovation By Pippa

Norman 20 Renovation by Pippa

Here was our start into the boating world; a Norman 20  named " Bruce " ( yes we know,  not in keeping with naming boats with a female name !) We picked him up from freecycle he had been sat in a yard for 9 years so we thought we better give this neglected boat a name!

It took a total of 5 months to restore him, all of the work of which was completed on our drive. We were careful to use only what we had lying around or had been given for free. The handrails were old window sills, the benches were from various wood we had laying around.

The fabric interior was old bedding . The whole family helped in restoring Bruce ( so named after the shark in finding Nemo) . His teeth were hand-painted .
This little boat opened our whole world, and he has since given 2 other families the same pleasure after us.
The Waldron family



Renovation By Pippa And The Waldron Family

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