1930’s Whippet – Broads Cruiser Renovation By Chris

Broads Sail Cruiser Renovation By Chris

This is my 1930s Whippet Class ( Earnst & Young ) broads cruiser. It was originally used for sailing the Norfolks rivers and broads in the UK.   The beauty of this boat is it has the original mahogany upper section and rigging with a composite bottom finished to a high standard.

It's a shame the original ash hull was rotten but the previous owner used it to make a mould for a GRP hull , breathing a new lease of life into it.

She was bought it in 2005 and restored, you can see from the photos that the inner cabin was in a sorry state having been left outside for months. I restored the insides and now she's going up for sale with a trailer. Hopefully, she goes to a loving home!


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Renovation By Chris

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