45ft Refueller Renovation By Mick & family

1944 45ft Refueller Renovation by Ciaran

'Blackthorn'  was originally built in 1944 by W.J. Yarwood & Sons Unser contract for the RAF. Known as a 45’ refuellers these beautiful crafts were used as refuelling tenders to the Catalinas and Sunderlands during the war. She was called Blackthorn because two of the sister ships were called Hawthorn and Whitethorn. We believe she was stationed in the Flying Boat Station Castle Archdale, Lough Erne, Northern Ireland. In 1984 my father bought her as a hull with 2 holds, over the years he converted her to a liveaboard cruiser - adding functionality and comfort with each passing year. He passed away in 2009 but we have kept her in the family and have continued to cruise her in the canals and rivers in Ireland.

In the years since his passing we have done extensive work. We refitted the galley in 2011 and in 2016 we conducted maintenance of the hull. The most recent update was the back cabins which were completely  refitted.
This year we are refitting the lounge and changing the heating system to a kerosene system.

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Update  - 28th Of June

I've recently been working on the deck of the Refueller.  My main aim is to preserve them and keep them in a good condition.- Ciaran 
Renovation By Ciaran

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