Winner Baronet Mk2 Renovation By Mike

Winner Baronet MK2 Renovation by Mike

I found the boat on Facebook marketplace and bought her on a whim. I believe she is a Winner Baronet Mk2; though from her condition when I bought her it was hard to tell.

To drum up some inspiration I went about watching Youtube videos on boat renovations. From there I began to strip out the hull.

I replaced the deck with new marine plywood and fibreglassed it in for longevity. I also added anti-slip paint. The boat would  mainly be used for fishing so It was decided I needed more deck space and less of the cab. My next job was to cut out and shorten part of the cab and move all the controls to suit.

A new wiring loom for the fish finder was created along with sonar, radio,lights etc again with the help of youtube.

To rejuvenate the paintwork it had to be stripped back. The inside of the boat was painted cream and the antifoul black.

The rest of the exterior was painted cream apart from the top of the cabin which was painted red.

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The Engine

When I bought her I was told the engine was in good running order and had just been fully serviced.
Being nieve I took the sellers word for it!
I downloaded the workshop manual and set to work soon figuring out that it simply wasn’t the case!

In fact, the engine had a bent valve,two broken valve springs and a huge crack in the gear casing that had been hidden with car body filler and painted over,

I completely stripped the top end of the engine and rebuilt it and replaced all the main power cables and fuel lines,
I'm currently waiting to find out if it’s possible to have the crack welded but is looking unlikely.
If they can repair it then i will be able to launch the boat within the next week or two. If they can’t I will have to wait until i can find a replacement.



Renovation By Mike

3 thoughts on “Winner Baronet Mk2 Renovation By Mike”

  1. I believe it is a Mark IV, I have a 1970 model, got it in 1995. I don’t even know if there was a Mark I-III, but mine said Baronet Mark IV. Mine has been sitting too long, still hope to restore her but that hope is fading

  2. It is a Mark IV. I have one and have semi restored it. Mine is a 1969 Winner Baronett Mark IV. It’s still a solid boat and a classic. Great family boat, very stable and safe. Can go in low draft waters no problem and can handle a good choppy sea under low power. If you have one keep it and/or restore it. It’s worth it’s weight in gold…I could sell mine in a second for way more then I have put into it. Good boating.

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