DIY A-Frame For Mast Drop

In this video, Alex uses two old surplus spinnaker poles extended to create a simply A-Frame. This setup works well, particularly well on a small sailboat. The poles used on the A-frame can be easily stowed, either on a trailer or below deck. The stainless steel UBOLTs mounted to the deck make for a really good pivot point as well. Especially, if they've been reinforced or backed to allow for the forces associated with rigging.


Consider Your Materials

The obvious advantage of using spinnaker poles is that they're generally constructed from marine-grade stainless or graded aluminium tubing.  It doesn't matter what you use if you're simply taking your poles back home after use, but if you're stowing them outside you'll want to consider the tube materials and fittings.

Drilling Tubing On Site

Drilling metal tubing can be a bit of a pain unless you have a workbench with a vice.  A simple method to keep a workpiece steady in the yard or dockside is to use two G clamps. Make sure you face the handle in opposite directions. You're standard spring clamps don't work very well here. You'll stop your tube from rotating and snapping your drill bits in the process.

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