Installing A Plastimo Furling System

In this video, Alex demonstrates an effectively simple method of replacing a hank-on sail with a Plastimo furling system.  It is noted in this video that a hank-on may be a sufficient option for a larger ocean-going vessel but in this case, a Plastimo furling system seems like a better option.



When it comes to rolling furling, size matters. In fact a roll furling can be put under incredible amounts of strain and the last thing that a sailor wants is a rigging failure mid-journey!  In the case of this video, it's easier to select a roller furling that is rated for higher loads due to the fact the price difference in negligible.

Take Your Time

When assembling your roller furling take care to construct it. The last thing anyone sailor wants to be doing is drilling out stainless rivets in an aluminium tube or worse a self-tapping screw!

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