Do I Need An Accumulator Tank?

It's very common to find accumulator tanks onboard, especially on boats that are being used as liveaboards where a constant supply of water is needed for showering or washing up.  In this video the Jabsco team take on a common question amongst technical forums and groups.

So, Do I need An Accumulator Tank?

Not always, but we'll let the team at Jabsco explain it.


Setting The Pressure

The important bit of information in this video is a step that's quite often forgotten amongst amateur boat renovators. Always set your accumulator tank pressure. If you don't it can defeat the object of having one in the first place.

Remmember - 3 PSI below the Cut in pressure.

Does It Need To Be A Jasbco?

No, but the build quality is great and Jabsco accumulators are really worth the money. It'll also make designing the system easier as you can choose between a barb or threaded inlet/outlet. The quick-release catch is a great be of design.

Will My Pump Get Damaged If I don’t Use One?

We doubt it, but it will put more strain on your pump over time. If you're using an expensive pump it's a better idea to increase its longevity. You'll also reduce the need for the pump to run therefore decreasing the noise.  If you wakeup for a glass of water in the night you may be able to poor a pint without your pump waking up your partner!






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