Basic 12v Water System

In this video, Greg Virgoe runs us through a basic installation of a cold water setup onboard a van.  Though Greg is installing this system into his campervan conversion the principles for installing cold water on a boat are exactly the same. We highly recommend you watch this video to understand the basics of onboard water installation.


Sourcing The Pump and Accumulator

If you're considering buying your accumulator and pump on Amazon to save money consider this. The cheaper Seaflo pumps come with a small barb meaning you'll struggle to go from 15mm pushfit piping to the 8mm barb. It's easier to just buy a Jabsco pump and pre-filter with the correct barb diameter.

PEX Barrier Pipe

It might take longer to run barrier pipe throughout your boat but the results are worth it. Pushfittings, are a great altenative to barbs and hose clamps.

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