Installing LED Strip Lights In A Sailboat

There is no greater feeling than repowering a project yacht and turning a new lighting system on for the first time.  It's even better when you're no longer reliant on a 230v AC shore-power supply and are now on a solar-trickled 12v system.

In this Video Alex runs us through his system of embedding 12v stip lights into the headliner of his main cabin.



A great use of affordable lighting onboard. Choosing a lower-power LEDS as an alternative to standard lighting is going to save crucial on power consumption onboard.  Be careful when ordering LED strips from Amazon, some of the cheaper kits come with a remote that breaks after a few weeks. Don't ask how we know!

Power Supply

You're LED's will need to be able to run on a 12 or 24v System depending on your requirements. Not all of the strips available off the shelf in hardware stores support this. As always fuse and wire accordingly!

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