Installing Fake Teak On A Deck

In this video, Alex demonstrates his simple but effective method for installing fake teak on a deck. EVA Teak Foam is bonded to pre-resined boards. This gives the sheets a longer life expectancy in the marine environment without the risk of delamination.  Note the use of a shamfering tool this give  the EVA foam a beautiful edge, that will look great oboard any boat.


Choose Your Backer Sheet Material Carefully

Using pre-fabricated panels in a cockpit is a great idea. You can easily remove them to service the panels without the need to create unnecessary mess onboard.

The type of of sheet material you bond your EVA foam too will dictate the longevity.  Most DIY store Marine Plywoods won't last long we recommend you buy your plywood from a specialist wood merchant that deals with good quality marine plywood.    Sometimes even laminating won't provide much protection. If a sheet in inferior it will always delminate regardless of how it's treated.

We go into detail on our Marine Plywood article here :

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