Lake Cruiser Renovation By Eoghan

Kylemore 11  Renovation By Eoghan

‘Kylemore 2’ is a lake cruiser that had been in my wife’s family for a generation or two.  Unfortunately, almost a decade ago it was decapitated by the Shannon bridge in County Offaly, Ireland.

Since then it has been liying in a dry dock on the edge of an Irish bog. Sadly, I was broke and the boat was too. After assessing the job in hand we towed the boat to a field near my home. My hope was that one day it might return to the water.With brawn and brain, patience and polish, scrubbing and scratching I was joined by the odd volunteer to take the first tiny steps.

With recycled parts, a reconditioned gearbox and renewed electrics and went about the painstaking task of replacing and renewing the windscreen. The project was on its way.

Observed for a year by commuters on the M6 and the company of horses, sheep and crows in a pastoral setting we sallied forth to Moycarn Marina.

Last September. ‘Kylemore 2’ is back on the River Suck and proudly admired once again by the woman who set her first afloat …. My 90-year-old grandmother-in-law!




Renovation By Eoghan

9 thoughts on “Lake Cruiser Renovation By Eoghan”

  1. Kylemore 2 got a super renovation and is beautiful, inside and out. Well done Eoghan and may the sun shine on all your journeys.
    Mary O’F

  2. Can’t believe it, saw this boat when it was at the edge of the bog, beautiful to see it brought back to life

  3. Can’t believe this is the same boat we saw sitting in a bog. Amazing results . Granny must be so proud. It must bring back lots of lovely memories to her. Well done on the restoration.

  4. Eoghan, what an amazing transformation! The boat looks amazing. You did a fantastic job on it. Best of luck and enjoy every cruise!

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