Szmaragd II Yacht Renovation By Ruth

'Emerald.H.D' Szmaragd II Renovation By Ruth & Garry

Emerald.H.D. is a 30' Polish, Szmaragd II, fibreglass long keel hull imported from Gdansk Poland to the UK in 1972, with mahogany & iroko lumber, and Polish plans!. Sadly little progress was able to be made by her owner, so we bought her in 1992 as our dream project to build our own boat & sail away.

We like to think of ourselves as humble husband & wife team. For many years we juggled home life, budget and work, visiting boat shows, boat jumbles and researching on the internet.  From this, we grew a passion for her.

We often saw the project as a labour of love, especially when she moved 3 times (unfortunately we didn't own any land). She was built & fitted out, including installing engine, plumbing & electrics etc by ourselves, and we kept a log & website of our project journey.

We finally launched her in 2014. We are now sailing our dream yacht, and enjoying the beauty of maintaining & enhancing her. We know exactly how we built her and what she needs. That said,  we haven't ruled out another project boat!

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Renovation By Ruth And Garry

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