Sage Smart Oven Pro – A Full Review

Sage Smart Oven is a free-standing stainless steel micro-oven that fits easily into small boats and galleys. It's not currently marketed as a "Marine Oven" and you won't find it in any chandlery but that doesn't mean it's not suitable.  With a sleek a modern look, this 2400 watt stainless steel oven will cook anything and eveything you can throw at it without tripping the 16amp shorepower inlet.

Living aboard for over 10 years we've had the pleasure of testing a diverse range of cooking appliances but it wasn't until we found the Sage Oven Pro that we settled.

The Sage Smart Oven

During lockdown, we were couped up in a 30ft fibreglass dual-engine motor on hard standing.  Our current setup was a simple stainless steel worktop single hob connected to our onboard 230v shore power supply. It was a rudimental setup,  but it did the job.

Below this was a 'ye oldy' gas oven that had been sat unconnected since the boat's major renovation in 2017.

Now generally, the first thing I do on a project boat is remove the gas system. However, chasing leaks and worrying about stowing gas onboard is something I'm no stranger to.

I can still remember the first boat I purchased a Jaguar 27 thin keel yacht. This came with a classic plastimo oven.  It served its purpose, but it meant we were reliant on a local gas supply and had the constant fear as new liveaboards that something might go wrong with the system. Eventually murphies law came into practice and it did go wrong, the gas system was old, and it sprang leaks through movement over time. We replaced hoses and fittings but eventually we choose to shut off the system.   Granted, if you have a gas system onboard you really need have it checked over by a proffesional. A simple boat safety certifictate won't really cover anything but the basic safety requirements.

For this reason, I prefer electrical means of cooking and that is why we chose the smart oven pro for our boat.

Our NewEr Sage OVEN

picture of a Sage Smart Oven installed in a yacht

The above photograph is taken from our new 36ft Atlantic clipper yacht. We choose to purchase a second Sage oven for this project. The newer model comes with an air fryer, which appeals more than the original to us. Note that if you have room for a bigger air gap between the side of the vents on the oven then max out the space. Ideally, tiles or stainless splashbacks can be used to protect bulkheads or cupboard sides. A gap is essential to allow to oven to vent and avoid overheating but this oven will also vent from the back.


The Power Side

  • Voltage - 230v - 2300 watt AC power supply.  Relatively low amperage for an oven will keep you under most 16amp shore power limitations; providing you're not running heating or calorafiers simultaneously.
  • It's relatively low power consumption makes it ideal for running from lithium banks with inverter charger setups.
  • It's a convection oven with a decent quality built-in fan unlike its counterparts it will stand the test of time and comes with a guarantee.
  • If you're UK based, it's available for local collection and doesn't need to be delivered to an address.

The Build

Brushed stainless steel shell ideal for onboard use where salt water air and humid environments can cause standard steel to rust.

  • It's a bit like a tardis, It's small but big enough! 47 x 32 x 28 cm.   Most importantly it will fit pretty much any pizza you can chuck at it.
  • It comes equipped with a pizza tray, airfryer tray, and grill pan.
  • A 50-230 °C digital thermometer and potentiometer dial make it quick and easy to set the temperature settings. This can be changed from degrees to Fahrenheit for our friends over the pond.
  • The internal walls are coated with non-stick making it easy to clean in the event of spillage.
  • It has a coated stainless steel catcher tray located at the bottom of the oven that can be easily removed and cleaned.
  • At 13kg total in weight you're not going to have to worry about how it effects the ballast.

Fancy Pants Features

  • It has 10 built-in settings and they all really make the difference; Toast, Crumpet, Bake, Grill, Roast, Pizza, Cookies, Reheat, Warm and Slow Cook.
  • Built-in light that keeps your culinary masterpieces well lit up. This will automatically turn on when the oven door is opened or can be manually switched on for the inpatient oven watchers among us.
  • Smart element iQ™The  Element iQ transfers heat intelligently across 5 quartz elements for precise and stable heat just where and when you want it "for perfect results, every time. "

Bonus Features For Boats

  • The stainless oven door handle serves as a great place to dry and store 1 or 2 small tea towels, this is particularly useful in a boat where space is limited.
  • Traditionally with gas ovens, you would need to overventilate to minimise the risk of carbon monoxide exposure.  Convection ovens can be used to keep a boat dry without the need for additional ventilation.
  • It's accurate digital timer function will stop you going on holiday mid- sunday roast cook and burning down the marina.
  •  The grill and toast settings means there's no longer need to keep that crummy old toaster onboard.
  • It's so small you can store plates above it and use the oven to dry them while it's in use.

Lithium Is Changing How We Cook Onboard

The dawn of electric sailboat conversions is here. Lithium Cells are available and affordable, and solar technology is starting to advance and become a realistic alternative to having an onboard diesel.  This means that boaters are now finding they have an abundance of power going spare.

Simply put, why pay for a 16 amp shore-power supply when you have 2000 watts of solar array sitting on your roof and your not doing anything with it.

It's time to send that power to a heater element for hot water to at least cook with it.

All in all, we were so happy with our oven that we purchased a second one for another project.  We have  been using our first model for the last three years with no faults or defects to note.

The RSP of the standard model varies from £230-300 and can be collected locally which has major appeal.

Second-hand units come up on eBay for around the £100 mark and we have no doubt that they'll be functioning fine.

If you've used Sage the smart oven let us know!



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