Snapdragon 29 Bilge keel Yacht Renovation By Matt

Snapdragon 29 Renovation By Matt

A few years ago, I bought my first boat; an abandoned Snapdragon 29ft bilge keel yacht, sitting in a boat yard graveyard on the River Crouch in Essex.

I’m about six months from launching her, following a very slow, very DIY, Sundays-only refit.

I’ve made mistakes, I’ve rebuilt things more than once. I’ve learnt everything I know from Youtube, books and trial and error. I’ve done everything myself apart from the crane out of the engine.

So far, I’ve refurbished everything apart from the standing rigging and windlass. I’ve replaced all the electrics, seacocks and plumbing. I’ve reconditioned the engine and remodelled the Heads and the Galley. Pretty much everything has been painted or varnished.

There’s been a lot of sweat and a shit-ton of frustration but I’m happy with it. Now I can’t wait to finish up and get out there!

Before And After

Renovation By Matt

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