Project Boat Competition 2020 Judges and Entries

The Project Boat Competition 2020 Entries- UK and Ireland.


The Judges


Fergal Butler - An Irish backyard boatbuilder and boating enthusiast. Fergal was one of the first people to build a Glen-L crackerbox on Irish soil.  He has renovated many boats from adapted cruisers to Microplas day boats and was featured on the program My 10k holiday home in 2018. Fergal understands that renovating a boat is about making the best of the materials you have, biding your time, and waiting for the right parts to come up.

Chris Curtis - Boats Bits And Tips

Chris Curtis - Owner of one of the biggest boating technical groups in the UK. Boats and Bits Advice and Tips. Chris created the group in an effort to get help with the renovation of a motorcruiser, since its creation the group has exploded with members now totalling 20,000. No question too silly, the group is one of the leading places in the UK to find free advice from all boaters.

this years Entries

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