Tri-hull Renovation ‘Dignity’ By Siobhan

Dignity' 3m Tri-hull

'Dignity' is a 3m tri-hull which we got as part of the sale of our bigger project boat Achilles.

She was already in need of TLC when we got her but after she got a new 'drain hole' in last winters storm I decided it was time for a Covid-19 mini reno, using skills I have developed working on Achilles.
I used epoxy resin and fibreglass to mend the holes, then recoated the exterior of the hull with polyester topcoat. I then removed the central bench, glassed-in new stringers and floor, a storage locker at the bow, and made a single bench at the rear with access to where the petrol tank will be situated.
I used hemp rope and stainless steel screws to create a new fender and International Toplac to change the colour from 70's orange to Atlantic grey. I then used EVA teak to give her a nice finish, but more importantly a safe surface to move around on! All she needs now is an outboard to complete her!




Renovation By Siobhan 

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